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The purpose of a professional polygraph examination is to verify the truth of a specific statement and is a valuable tool in on-going investigations or vetting processes.  The polygraph is better described as a truth verifier. 

Polygraph testing will be administered in a low profile and non-accusatory interview process.  It can only be administered to a compliant and willing subject.  There will be no surprise questions and all matters will be reviewed with the subject prior to the test itself. 

The whole process takes about two hours, as the examiner has to be satisfied that the subject is willing and medically suitable to take the test.  In addition the examiner has to be satisfied that the subject completely understands the purpose of the test and how the instrument works. Discretion and professionalism can be relied on for excellent results.

The latest computerised instruments from Lafayette Instruments, Indiana, the leading manufacturers of polygraph equipment are used and are fully conversant with the most up to date techniques.
Training in detection of counter-measures ensures that any interference in the test by the subject will probably be revealed.


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