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Selection of the right examiner is of utmost importance to you. Conducting the right test for your issue is of the utmost importance to us.

In 2008 David Bird retired from the Metropolitan Police after thirty years’ service, the last 26 based at New Scotland Yard where he was attached to Specialist Operations. He has commendations for detective ability and interviewing skills and has been involved over a protracted time in high level sensitive enquiries. He has served as a trainer in interviewing skills and was an interviewing skills instructor for units based at New Scotland Yard.

David Bird trained as a Police Polygraph Examiner at the Canadian Police College in Ottawa, Canada in 2004 under the auspices of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He successfully conducted many live criminal case and vetting polygraphs in Ontario, Canada for police services and other bodies as well as many hundreds of tests in the UK for Ministry of Justice projects. He has conducted discreet tests for a number of commercial organisations.

He presented at three successive International Workshops on Polygraph Matters in Rome, London and Brussels whilst representing the United Kingdom where he gave presentations on cross cultural issues, international legislation and use and training of interpreters in polygraph.

He has successfully completed the Ekman Evaluating Truthfulness course (microfacial analysis) and received instruction in the Tier Three (Advanced) Investigative Interview Trainers course run by the Crime Academy at the Metropolitan Police Training Establishment, Hendon.

David Bird has been to North America (the USA or Canada, sometimes both) every year since training where he has undergone continuous professional development and assessment in the latest techniques and processes. He has received guidance from US Government National Center for Credibility Assessment instructors as well as many other respected practitioners in the field of polygraphy. He is a former Director of the International Section of the prestigious Canadian Association of Police Polygraphists, where he remains an active member and an Associate Member of the American Polygraph Association.

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